Alexa Chia Wan Yu (Singapore)

Parsons The New School for Design, New York,

Senior Graduate Menswear BFA, 2017

Title of graduation collection: REINCARNATION

Instagram @alxcwyx


For her graduation project Alexa Chia Wan Yu was inspired by reincarnation and the creation of a second life for the inanimate. She uses the wardrobe staple denim as the starting point. Throughout the collection this identity of denim undergoes material incarnations using unconventional materiality such as plexiglass with the suggestion of a classic denim garment etched into it, and translucent vinyls and polyurethanes that were similarly patterned and layered to create a sense of progression and change.


“I’m curious about the construction of objects, not necessarily restricted to clothing, that can be utilized by the body,” Alexa Chia Wan Yu says, “To me, challenging conventional materiality is interesting because it brings clothing away from the idea of simple adornment and opens up this possibility of creating

garments that marry function and aesthetics. I want to create

clothing that pushes physical boundaries.”