Christian Stone (Hong Kong/China)

Central Saint Martins, London, Fashion Design Womenswear BA 2017

Title of graduation collection: MUTANT ARTISANAL

Instagram @imongrindr


With the B-horror movie Re-animator as a main reference, Christian Stone’s collection Mutant Artisanal is inspired by outdated technology and the notion of bringing the obsolete and the dead back to their second lives as brand new beings.


It specifically shows clothing with the mood around artefacts, which look partially old and familiar, but at the same time, bizarrely new and weirdly functional. The word ‘artisanal’ points at the forgotten notion of haute couture being daringly innovative and experimental. Christian Stone created a lot of the textiles while using silver heat insulating blanket for lining, bubble wrap padding for protection and Tyvek was used for shoes.


“I wanted to create garments that one would never have to iron and can easily be crushed to fit into small carrier bags for convenient mobility. Because the necessity to iron clothes has become obsolete, I have done a series of experimentations with fabrics and kitchen foil, creating textiles that are naturally

wrinkled in a very pleasant way and that allow the garments to morph into any desired shape.”