Creepy Outfit Lab - C.O.L (Personal information withheld on purpose)

London College of Fashion, Fashion Design

Technology/Menswear BA 2017

Title of graduation collection: PROCESS

Instagram @studio_c.o.l


Creepy Outfit Lab’s graduation project is about space and time. The designer behind C.O.L. - who wishes to work in anonymity - took inspiration from the promo figure toys such as Transformers and Gundam that he collected as a child.


“From there I started to design and develop a series of highly systemic, transformable ‘spaces’, being the garments, which enable the wearer to interact with them, and then I used video as a medium to express the change of space and time.”


C.O.L. used a lot of polyester and nylon in this collection, materials that allow the use of sublimation print technology, as well as a remix of tech fabrics, coatings, films and self developed finishes and trimmings to create a futuristic mood of hyper functionality.