Fabio Bigondi (Italy)

Polimoda, Florence, Fashion Design BA 2017

Title of graduation collection: SONS OF GUNS

Instagram @fabiobigondi


Fabio Bigondi took inspiration from weapons and guns and the different cultures obsessed with them, like some Yemen people and other associations in the US.


“I've also looked at the work of photographer Richard Mosse, about the second war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and at an ethnic tribe called Pende Minganji, also from Congo.”


His collection ‘Sons of Guns’, for which he applied mostly hand knitting, embroidery and some artwork with mud, is a provocative anti-violence message against the way society today sees guns. Despite the predominantly handcrafted techniques, if it were up to Fabio Bigondi, conceptually the collection would even be better if it existed only in the digital sphere as it is meant to be an illusion, a misperception.