Han Kim (South Korea)

Royal College of Art, London, Fashion Womenswear MA 2017

Title of graduation collection:  HAVE AN ABSURD DREAM



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Han Kim sets out to stretch our ideas of what we consider beautiful in a woman’s body.


“I am not interested in reinterpreting the current silhouettes considered beautiful. I believe that there are still many more silhouettes and stories of women and beauty that we have not discovered yet.”


He does so by experimenting with the influence of light on the body: it’s ability to reveal, hide and distort the body, which allows him to transform those bodies in abstract and sculptural ways. Han Kim created a lenticular print technique using only combinations of red, green and blue - the colours comprised in white light - for his patterns. This creates many overlapping distorted moments that can never be viewed in the same way more than once.