Iuliia Gulina (Russia)

Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Fashion Design MA 2017

Title of graduation collection:  MY ANGEL LIKES IT ROUGH

instagram @iuliia_gulina


Iuliia Gulina is literally inspired by everything that surrounds her at a certain moment in time, including the feelings it evoked, and uses it to create her own fashion world as a reflection of it.


This collection was informed by the sculptures of Marliz Frencken and motives taken from Asian Cosplay girls as well as typical Asian fetishes such as bondage, plastic surgery and Gothic Lolita’s. Iuliia Gulina mixed different fabrics like Chanel tweed, velvet, lace, latex and organza and covered the tweed and some leather bags with silicone.


“I was focused on prints this year and I was trying to experiment with new techniques in drawing and transforming drawings into 3D versions. I like to mix in new technology, to discover new ways of creating something.”