Johanna Bas Backer

(The Netherlands/FRance)

ArtEZ, Arnhem, Fashion BA 2016

Graduation collection:

STORE AT 14° (57°F)


Johanna Bas Backer based her menswear collection on a fictive story of a man living in a hut, isolated from the world, for which she studied various existing cases of social seclusion, either caused by the geography or inside a community. Fascinated by their independency she set out to interview her imaginary subject, and from there she started to imagine what he would wear or need. Hence the collection shows utilitarian influences and much as Johanna Bas Backer imagined his surroundings, his hut and the objects he would own, she imagined silhouettes, textiles and prints representing this world. She applied unusual techniques such as hand painting over silkscreen prints and coatings with wood varnish on garments designed using collage techniques.