Laishu Lin (China)

Polimoda, Florence, Fashion Design BA 2017

Title of graduation collection: KANON

Instagram @lin_lai_shu


The inspiration for Laishu Lin’s collection ‘KANON’ comes from Freud’s theory of dream interpretation and how abstract or deformed images reveal a deeper truth in people.


“I imagined a gentleman dressed in a suit and his silhouette changing under the influence of potential moods in the space of his dreams.”


Laishu Lin concretized this idea of changing images by applying “parallel perspective” as used by the Italian 15th century architect Leon Battista Alberti - ‘KANON’ refers to the ‘golden ratio’ in ancient Greek architecture.


She combined traditional wool fabrics with digital printing, playing with the psychological property of colours to express different states of consciousness. Bringing the digital world into the real world, Laishu Lin wants us to feel free to reveal more of our ‘true self’ to the world.