Maddie Williams (United Kingdom)

University of Edinburgh, Fashion Design BA (Hons) 2017

Title of graduation collection: NA

Instagram @mwilliams_design


The concept for Maddie Williams’ collection was a narrative of a group of six goddess-like figures in a utopian future set after the fall of our white elitist capitalist patriarchy.


Celebrating their bodies by emphasising feminine attributes as a symbol of power, they create their clothing out of the waste left behind by previous societies, and out of self cultivated renewable materials, practicing ancient craft techniques that keep them linked to their heritage and the Earth. Materials used include damaged royal mail sacks - which she turned into a faux-fur type textile -, plant-dyed wool and an old army surplus parachute.


“I wanted my collection to be a kind of protest against what I see happening in the world at the moment, as well a being joyful and fun”, says Maddie Williams, referring to ‘a regression of collective values towards exclusion, intolerance and blind consumerism’. Her collection stands to prove that ethically and environmentally conscious fashion can still be visually innovative, exciting and inspiring.