Marie Maisonneuve


Royal College of Art, London, Fashion Menswear (Knitwear) MA 2016  |  Middlesex University, London, Fashion and Textile BA 2014

Graduation collection:



Aware of her personal journey, studying at the Royal College of Art, Marie Maisonneuve started her collection by examining the relationship between body and garment, the individual language of movement and, as a third component, the surrounding space. Sensitive to the political actuality she focussed on geographical movement, looking into traveller expeditions and migrants, she wondered what a modern nomadic citizen, who strongly adheres to a society without boundaries, would need in terms of reference. Unique combinations of multipurpose, multi-position pieces and garments like bags bring the possibility to respond to each journey. Having faced extremely violent events that challenge the essence of geographical and political fluidity, Marie Maisonneuve added knitwear by means of self-indulgent armour, containing the intimate space within a breathable envelope.