Marta Twarowska (Poland)

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Fashion Design MA 2017

Title of graduation collection: HYPERREAL

Instagram @martatwarowska


’HYPERREAL’ is a translation of Marta Twarowska’s memories of growing up in post-communist Poland.


“The persistent remnants - both physical and psychological - of bygone times that were suddenly of no use, lingered to create some type of kitschy supra-reality that remained stuck in a loop of its own existence. It had its own specific beauty that I wanted to convey through this collection.”


An aesthetic she recognises in the work of Polish photographer Lukasz Wierzbowski. Marta Twarowka likes to experiment with new materials, especially in accessories, such as a crystal plexi mask that looks like glass and crystal bags that were inspired by her grandmother’s crystal bowl. Always looking for a creative dialogue between artists she collaborated with London-educated and Hong Kong-based

jewellery designer Vann Kwok for her shoe collection.