Sander Bos (Belgium)

Royal academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Fashion Design MA 2017

Title of graduation collection: DAMES

Instagram @sanderbaws


Sander Bos’s collection named ‘Dames’ - ‘ladies’ in Dutch - plays with the idea that ladies are a domesticated form of women through skin, environment and god.


Divided in three groups, ‘skin’ was inspired by photographer Gordon Parks whose work shows segregation as well as showgirls, women viewed upon differently because of their skin. Patty Carrol, whose work displays women disappearing into backgrounds, informed the second group, and the third one was inspired by the work of painter Jeroen Bosch who presented women as an imperfect reflection of the divine, "the goddess".


“I used a lot of ribbons as a closing technique for the clothing, to demonstrated the ‘tied-up’ thinking that surrounds women.” Sander Bos explains, “The space in between the clothing, where an important part of the construction of the garment takes place, is often ignored. The technique of the hats was the hardest to master, but l I'm happy to say I made all these myself.”