Tzu-Hsiang (Wesley) Hung


Shih Chien University, Taipei, Fashion Design BA 2016


Winner of the USC 2016 Graduation Fashion Show - ‘Special Award’ by Shih Chien University and the 2016 Young Pin Design Award  -‘Outstanding Performance’ (the most sought-after award by Taiwan's graduate design students)

Graduation collection:



Tzu-Hsiang Hung was sparked by a true ‘Adaptive Travelers’-story of an aviation group on a mission, who made a crash landing in the Great Basin Desert. The crew had to cross the desert and pass through Mt. Whitney. The temperature and climate changed dramatically, so they wilfully dismantled parts of the plane’s aluminium shell and built in leather chairs and transformed these into protective clothing and equipment. Tzu-Hsiang Hung took every detail of this story as design inspiration, including computer knitted desert patterns and make-do materials such as aluminium, para-cord, aircraft seatbelts and even a decorative ventilator.