Wendy Andreu


Design Academy Eindhoven, Public/Private BA 2016 | Ecole Boulle, Paris, Degree in Metal Working 2011

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Graduation collection:



For her graduation collection Wendy Andreu developed a craft to produce a waterproof fabric called Regen (Dutch for ‘rain’). This fabric is double-sided and reversible, with water-repellent latex on one side and cotton rope on the other side. Regen is produced in 3D, without requiring any further assemblage like sewing. In stead she uses laser cut steel moulds over which the cotton rope is coiled and then held in shape by covering it in latex. In some parts, the dark latex seeps through the rope creating shades and textures, giving it a particular aesthetic quality, unique to each product. Possibilities are endless in shapes, colours and functions, from domestic objects to architecture, from fashion to furniture.