Zheng Pei Yuan (Republic of China, Taiwan)

Shih Chien University, Taipei, Fashion Design BA 2017

Title of graduation collection: HAPPY GO SUCKY FUCKY

Instagram @complexclowncrystal


Happy Go Sucky Fucky is a song by South African hiphop/techno/rave group Die Antwoord, and its lyrics and mood are Zheng Pei Yuan’s answer to her experience with bullying in her childhood.


“I love my colourful life, and my colourful life also loves me. Everyone here is equal.” the designer says of the healing fantasmagorical universe she decided to create using digital printing techniques and an explosion of loud colours.


Rather than seeking refuge in the digital sphere, Zheng Pei Yuan’s would much prefer to spend her time on the set of some fantasy movie as she aspires to become a costume designer. Working Tim Burton and learning to do special effects make up rank high on this designer’s bucket list.