Max Zijun Luo


Central Saint Martins, London, Fashion Print BA 2016

Graduation collection:



Max Luo based his final collection on work of Japanese illustration artist Hajime Sorayama, particularly his Sexy Robots, an intriguing juxtaposition of sexy female cyborgs with very erotic details in highly stereotypical human clothes and poses. They made him wonder how they would act if they had emotions? Would they choose to blend in with humans by dressing alike, or would they stay true to their cold, robotic and metallic appearance? Would they have the same aesthetic standard as human beings? To Max Luo the metallic skin tone of these robot women is very seductive and the idea of a cyborg in human clothes inspired him to develop textiles with a similar metallic aesthetic for body suits, which he combined with clothes in contrasting matt finish leather and very complex and detailed textiles.